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During Undergraduate Advising Week and Online Registration, the default term has been set to 2019-2020 Fall.

To see your current (Spring) course information, be sure to select 2018-2019 Spring Term.


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How do I get to my course pages?

Course content can be found on Canvas.  Click here to go directly to Canvas.

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You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.

Tuition Payment

If you have a  Parent Pin,  you may make a payment on a student's account by clicking here.

If you have not yet created a Parent Pin for Cashnet do the following:

1. The student should sign-on the Portal

2. Click on the Account Tab

3. Click on 'Go To Cashnet'

4. Once you are on the Cashnet Web Page scroll down to the Parent's Pin on the left side of the screen

5. Click on 'Add New' and complete the information